Original Rapid Airbrush Tan [100% Organic Solution & Fragrance Free]

Original Rapid Spray Tan

When it's crucial that you look your best at a moment's notice, you need a spray tan that looks natural and dries instantly. Good thing there's an Express Airbrush Tan option at Spray LA!

After an Express organic tan at Spray LA, you only need to wait 2-4 hours before you can shower. For same-day results from a natural, gorgeous spray tan, the Express Airbrush Tan is your best bet.

We understand that not only do skin tones vary, but the goals and desired look of each person can be different, too. You are a unique canvas, and we can't wait to help you look your very best.

Original Rapid Spray Tan

  • A Custom Solution - No two clients are the same, so we create your tan based on what will make you look great!
  • All Organic Products - Spray LA is extremely proud to only use products sourced organically and sustainably.
  • Friendly, Professional Staff - Our staff is among the best in the business. Maybe that's why we were featured as a top salon by Racked!
Harmful UV Tanning Beds Are So 90's.

You weren't really still considering going to a tanning salon with UV tanning beds, were you? Exposing your body to harmful radiation and cancer-causing UV rays is a relic of a time when society didn't realize that prolonged UV exposure is cancerous. Sunless tanning looks and feels better anyway -- it's definitely time to make the switch.

Protect Your Skin Through An Organic Spray Tan

Wondering where is the best place to get a spray tan in Glendale? Spray LA is dedicated to healthy, sustainable tanning that protects and nurtures your skin. From our customized organic spray tan options to our line of skincare products, we're proud to be Glendale's one-stop source for all things tanning!

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