Everything You Want To Know About Spray Tans, But Were Afraid To Ask

Everything You Wanted To Know About Spray Tans, But Were Afraid To Ask

By on Tuesday, February 06, 2018

We all have that one friend who always seems to have a perfect, even tan… no matter what month it is. You probably already know, but that person isn’t simply lounging on a chair poolside for hours each week to maintain their tan. These days, a high-quality organic spray tan can achieve an ideal tanned look in a fraction of the time of a sun tan, and with none of the dangerous side effects.

But many people who haven’t tried spray tanning — and even some who have — have questions that they typically hold onto and don’t ask. We’re here to bring those questions into the light and get some definitive answers for people who might be wondering about these topics. Here we go!

Will A Spray Tan Make Me Look ‘Orange’?

Probably the most common misconception and concern people have, particularly if they’ve never been to a spray tan salon before, is the idea that a spray tan will make them look orange. In 2018, at any reputable organic spray tan salon, this is simply not the case. At SprayLA, you’ll consult with a professional before you begin to help plan and achieve a natural-looking spray tan on your unique skin tone — that isn’t obvious or orange. Many of the spray tans you have seen that have left people too dark or ‘orange’ were the result of dated products and techniques. The orange effect is also often a result of application by people who aren’t experienced and who may be utilizing low-quality products that are applied at home. The results achieved by professionals are much more consistent and reliable. It’s best to let an expert handle something as sensitive as your skin.


Can I Swim In The Ocean With A Spray Tan?

People often also wonder whether a spray tan will come off when swimming in a pool or the ocean. Typically, you can go swimming 12 hours after your spray tan. Keep in mind that you need to give the spray tan time to settle into your skin. Swimming in chlorinated water or ocean water can absolutely fade your spray tan. However, you can reduce the amount it fades by reducing the amount of time you spend in the water and gently patting yourself dry to avoid rubbing off the product. There are also products that you can purchase that will extend the life of your spray tan, which may be helpful when going swimming. Overall, it might be worth it to shorten the lifespan of your spray tan to take that dip in the water on vacation anyway. A professionally applied custom spray tan will not streak or drip just because you went in the water.


Can Spray Tans Hide Acne Or Acne Scars?

A spray tan can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scars. It evens out your skin tone and can camouflage imperfections such as acne or scars. If you take advantage of the proper makeup techniques in conjunction with a spray tan, you can noticeably reduce acne scars and make them virtually undetectable. We’re also frequently asked if a spray tan can hide tan lines. Spray tans can often help to even out your skin tone, as previously stated. Therefore, this can be helpful when trying to conceal tan lines. However, you may want to make sure a professional is doing the application if you’re seeking to blend tan lines, because this is a delicate process that can be easily botched by a less reputable esthetician or an at-home kit.


Get A Custom Spray Tan To Fit Your Look

Spray tans can help you to pull together your look and offer a glowing finish to your skin that turns heads. They can come in handy for special occasions such as weddings and events because they help you to even your skin tone if you have skin tone issues or scars. Definitely seek the help of a professional salon like SprayLA in order to achieve the best possible results. Yes, the days of orange and splotchy spray tans are a thing of the past. It is best to do research or ask your spray tan professional to find out which products work best and how to maintain your spray tan properly. Happy tanning!