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Organic Spray Tans: A Perfect Match For Wedding Season!

By on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring is here — and it’s officially wedding season in 2018! Nothing goes better with a gorgeous wedding gown, tuxedo, or bridesmaid’s dress than a beautiful tan. Skip the tanning beds (and wrinkles) and get an organic spray tan instead! Organic spray tans are a safe, healthy way to get a flattering glow so you can look great on your big day, no matter if you’re one of the newlyweds or a guest.


Glowing Inside And Out

For starters, remember that organic spray tans are better than tanning beds or laying out because you have no risk of burning or skin damage. Whatever you do, don’t risk getting burnt and showing up to the wedding in an uncomfortable and unsightly shade of red. Wedding spray tans are the safe bet considering that the photographs will last forever. And that means you won’t need to spend a lifetime shaking your head over those tan lines, burns, peeling, or uneven coverage.

You may be wondering why you should get an organic spray tan instead of a regular spray tan. Great question! Traditional spray tan formulas have ingredients like artificial fragrance, alcohol, parabens, and preservatives. If natural skincare is important to you, an organic spray tan gives you the benefits of a UVA/UVB free tan without the questionable ingredients. You can skip the potentially harmful chemicals and still get a perfect head-to-toe tan.

Everyone wants to look their best for the big day! Whether you are a bride or groom, part of the bridal party, or just a good-looking guest, a glowing tan will set off your entire look. Spray tans make you appear thinner, enhance muscle tone, conceal cellulite and blemishes, and make you appear healthy and fit.

Getting a professional spray tan at the spa is a great idea for an important event like a wedding. Do-it-yourself tanning can result in streaky and uneven color. At the salon, our tanning experts will make sure that you get a beautiful, even, all-over glow.


A Fun Part Of The Wedding Experience

Make it a spa day with the bridal party! We can accommodate the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen on the same day so that everyone has a fresh tan. You can even get your VIP guests in on the fun so they feel special and part of the celebration, too.

If you have never done a spray tan before, try doing a tan about 4-6 weeks before the wedding so you can test out the color and find the ideal color for you. You will be sprayed with a fine mist of the organic tanning solution by a trained tanning pro. We even have contouring techniques to make you look sexy and svelte! By “testing” your tan ahead of time, you will know exactly what to expect and get to preview your look before the wedding.

Although your spray tan expert will be able to give you the best personalized advice for your unique skin, you’ll usually want to book your bridal party spray tan appointment for 2-3 days before the wedding. Make sure to ask us about lotion and tan care to maintain your glow through your wedding and into the honeymoon!