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A New Guinness World Record For Spray Tanning!

By on Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Over the past several decades, medical science has worked hard to show us just how dangerous traditional sun tanning can be. With improvements in technology and affordability, spray tanning is quickly becoming the go-to way to get glowing nationwide. One woman in South Dakota took her belief in this so far, she recently set the World Record for spray tanning!

The Sun’s Dangers

Let’s not mince words: studies show that the UV radiation is actually a carcinogen. In 2014, the FDA reclassified indoor tanning devices that use UV light as posing a “moderate to high” risk to users. Many states have already banned minors from using these devices in an attempt to avoid getting that habit started in the first place. While these factors prompt serious considerations, the most alarming statistic shows that there are over 419,000 cases of tanning-linked skin cancer in the United States every single year! That’s an astonishing figure that should make anyone think twice about going under the sun or into a tanning booth.

Making A Change

Luckily, spray tanning provides a beautiful and significantly safer alternative, one which does not rely on the use of harmful UV lights. Not only is spray tanning a healthier way to tan, many people also feel that this method produces even better, more smooth looking results. Additionally, spray tanning gives a relatively instant tan, the likes of which are simply impossible with more traditional methods.

Despite the wide availability and innovations in modern spray tanning, many people seeking a darker skin tone still opt for the much more dangerous, traditional tanning methods. In this respect, spreading awareness is key to saving lives; and Stacey Burkhart of Sioux-Falls believes strongly in this cause. So much so, in fact, that she set out to spread the message about the dangers of sun tanning in a truly unique way: Burkhart decided to set the world record for performing the most spray tans within 60 minutes.

The Tan Plan

To accomplish this, Burkhart, a South Dakota tanning salon employee for 10 years, ended up with a total of 92 women spray tanned in a row. Burkhart says the inspiration for her goal originated with her boss who said the project would be a great way to promote the much healthier tanning method.

Although a healthier option, many tanning enthusiasts opt to avoid spray tanning for fear of something going wrong: too dark, too orange, too many streaks… Because of this stigma, Burkhart knew she had her work cut out for her in making sure that each one of the 92 women received a full-coverage tan. This also happened to be one of the requirements for achieving the world record, according to guidelines set forth by the Guinness World Records organization.

The Record

Amazingly, Stacey Burkhart was successful, and is now the official Guinness World Record holder for the ‘Most spray tans in one hour.’ Upon achieving this brilliant goal, Stacey commented that she felt in shock that she was actually the holder of a Guinness World Record! Most of all, Burkhart says that it has been amazing to be able to bring so much awareness to a cause that is near and dear to her heart.

What’s Next For Stacey?

Not only did Burkhart set the new world record, she actually did it with 15 minutes left to spare! In fact, the only reason she had to stop was because she ran out of people to tan. We’re guessing that might be a South Dakota disadvantage, and that a studio in LA doing the same thing would probably use all 60 minutes! Burkhart says it’s likely that she will give the challenge another go so she can use up the full time given. To that, we say: do it, girl!