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Can I Give Myself A Spray Tan At Home?

By on Wednesday, January 03, 2018

As spray tans become more popular and widespread, and companies begin marketing at-home kits, some tanning aficionados begin to wonder: “can I give myself a spray tan at home?” Although self-performed spray tan kits are out there, spray tan technicians have been trained to give spray tans that are not only carefully tuned to every individual’s skin color and tan preference, but also what works with the customer’s biochemistry and their ideal beauty goal. Spray tan artists produce custom results based on years of experience and training that simply cannot be replicated in a home setting.

Tanning professionals have one main goal: to deliver results that empower their customers and truly maximize the individual beauty of every person that walks through their doors. Self-performed spray tans at home cannot account for the specialized training the technicians have obtained that enable them to deliver consistently stunning results.

For anyone wondering “can I give myself a spray tan at home?” the best solution is to simply choose to take the time to treat yourself to a glamorous and full-service experience at a salon. Our tanning staff are truly artists in their work and work with you to cater to your tanning needs. Depending on your tan style of choice, our artists can provide you with a range of looks from mildly sun-kissed to a bold and dark tan. Trying to replicate these results at home, with inferior products, simply won’t have the same effect — and you may end up looking worse than before.

For important events where you know you’ll be photographed, it’s best to place your appearance into the hands of a professional rather than hope for the best with unreliable (and often chemical-filled) spray tan products at home. Starting an important day off through a natural and relaxed tanning experience is an ideal way to make memories. Spray tans at home often result in streaks and unnatural results that don’t match up to quality that you deserve. Worrying about how to correctly apply a spray tan takes away from the relaxing experience of receiving a spray tan and is almost guaranteed to come out sub-optimally. Placing your worries in the hands of a spray tan artist not only allows for time to enjoy the experience and relax, but allows you to feel rightfully confident with little effort on your part. And we all deserve that experience sometimes!

As we mentioned, spray tan products marketed for home use are often of dubious quality and cannot possibly replicate the results achieved by a professional. Why risk using products that can ruin your skin by turning it into a streaky, discolored tan that stains for days or weeks? An easier solution is to place trust in SprayLA’s spray tan artists without risking an entire weekend outing being ruined because of a botched at-home tanning session. Natural and dewy results can be obtained through the hands of a professional while you enjoy our luxurious environment.

To get the best results, receiving a tan from one of our highly trained and specialized spray tan artists is the safest way to obtain a gorgeous, flawless tan. At-home tans cannot compare with the specialty and precision our tanning artists employ — and the idea that you can save a few bucks to do it yourself at home is simply false savings when you consider the vast difference in quality that you end up with.