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It’s Almost Time For Glow-chella!

By on Wednesday, March 07, 2018

It’s March, which means one of our favorite times of year — festival season — is quickly approaching! Coachella, the biggest festival of the year, is a time when you can get outside under the desert sky, listen to amazing music, and enjoy the company of your closest friends. And let’s face it: planning your different looks for each day is one of the most fun parts of the whole experience! However, you can pick the perfect outfits, but they’ll be practically wasted if your skin isn’t looking right. You’re going to have these pictures forever… you might as well look tan in them!


You don’t want to worry about your tan once you’re already at Coachella, do you? Organic spray tans are loaded with natural ingredients that help your tan last longer than low-quality and at-home spray tans. We all know that staying in the sun too long can cause a myriad of problems, but organic spray tans don’t damage your skin. In fact, it’s just the opposite: a custom organic spray tan has plenty of moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated even while you’re splashing through sprinklers and dancing nonstop during the music. Trust us, you’re going to be glad you had a long-lasting spray tan once the festivities get started.


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Nothing Bad

We’ve come a long way, baby. Organic spray tans, unlike old-fashioned spray tans from a can, have no harsh chemical additives. Our product is full of natural ingredients that help keep your skin healthy and glowing even when the tan starts to fade. There are no parabens or alcohol that might cause other problems, and organic spray tans are free of oils and perfumes which can cause clogged pores, irritations, or other issues. Organic spray tans are also free of harsh smells, which are often found in traditional tans due to their perfumes and other ingredients. If anything, organic spray tans smell amazing!

The Cost

Many people haven’t quite gone through with an organic spray tan appointment since they think the price is higher than a ‘do-it-yourself’ option. However, this is a common misconception. Organic spray tans cost more or less the same as those (terrible looking) tans, despite the different ingredients. You can even save money by going to a salon in some instances, such as when your lower quality product runs all over the place and doesn’t apply correctly. With such a good cost and price point, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t want to try a safer, better option. You get what you pay for, and it’s worth spending a few discretionary dollars to look your absolute best at Coachella.

Safer Option

Tanning in the sun results in many bad things for your skin like wrinkles, sun damage, and even cancer. Because of this, many people choose to go the safer route and get an organic spray tan instead of just planning to be in the sun for 10 hours on Coachella Day 1. Organic spray tans are the obvious choice for healthy tans and glows for the festival season. Not only will you look amazing with that summertime glow, but you will also be protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays by not needing to be under the harsh sun to achieve your look.

We’ll All Glow On!

Coachella is just around the corner, and you don’t want to be the palest friend in all your pictures… do you? Many people will rely on standing in the sun to get a  traditional tan, but you’re smarter than that: you know that an organic spray tan is the best option. It is healthier for your skin, it lasts longer, it’s safer, and it often costs the same and sometimes less than other options. Overall, an organic spray tan is the best bet to get your glow on before heading out for the biggest music festival of the year to make the memories of a lifetime!